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Dexter Maurer

Dexter Maurer was born on February 11, 1994 in Porrentruy, Jura.


After the Obligatory school, Dexter moves to the Wallis to follow art lessons in the EPAC (école professionnelle des arts contemporains.) During these four years, he had the chance to participate to differents events like exhibitions, performances and art festivals.


After his graduation (2013), he feel that illustration and painting was his favorites mediums to show his universe. Now, Dexter works as a freelance illustrator.


As a kid, Dexter always enjoyed looked the animations and the comics. These two medias continues to inspire him now, that’s why narration has a main place in his work.


Dexter illustrates fantastic worlds, where bizarre meet concrete situations .Some drawings bring to light human fears, worries and emotions, while others reveal solitude, sadness or the dreams imagery. In a constant switch from static to dynamic, from intense to mild colours or even black and white, depending on the depicted story or state of mind.


The color range, the recurring symbols and motifs are for him a way to give a surrealistic dimension to an academic drawing.
For the final render, he use traditional techniques such as colors pencils, acrylic painting and graphite. But also the digital drawing.


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